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Welcome to SIGA

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SIGA is one of the leading Singapore based companies specialising in Engineering, Construction,  Accredited Training, Logistics, Business Consulting and Dormitory Services. Siga also has a training division which excels in Training Services accredited by Ministry of Manpower, Singapore.

Our Services


Today’s business environment is dynamic and constantly evolving. Service providers need to keep abreast of the latest developments and continually feel the pulse of the environment they operate in. To do so, there is a compelling need to have a system that delivers speed while constantly staying on top of even the most difficult conditions, whatever the cargo-type or situation.

Siga is also a leader in providing Logistics Services. We provide excellent transport services by serving the clients to their entire satisfaction.


Training Division

Siga offers some world recognized professional courses accredited by Ministry Of Manpower, Singapore with relevant curriculum aimed at holistic development of workers, supervisors and managers from the following industries.

1. Construction

Upcoming courses

1. Oil/Petrochemical
2. Marine/Shipyard

 With the training and development opportunities, students can unlock their potential and provide more for their employers. Siga is a gateway to higher learning for workers, supervisors and managers as we offer some of the most enriching courses to meet the Ministry of Manpower's  safety requirements.

Apart from mainstream courses, workers can also pursue other courses to better themselves and also their organizations. Siga helps the organizations to develop and manage their workers' technical and communication skills and improve their capabilities to meet the standards required by the industries.



Siga is one of the top leading service providers of dormitory services operating foreign workers dormitories at various locations in singapore. Siga is housing more than 3000 foreign workers in its dormitories. All the dormitories are professionally managed and maintained by experienced and trained staff. High security is maintained at all the dormitories and they are also maintained hygienically with high environmental standards at all times. All the dormitories operated by Siga are apporoved by Ministry Of Manpower, Singapore.


Siga is the renowned construction company with strong base in developing residential and commercial projects around the world. Several projects have been successfully completed in India and Singapore in the last 10 years. There are also several big projects being done globally.

Siga has a dedicated team of designers, architects, project consultants and specialists who have exceptional experience in construction industry. All completed projects meet up with international standards.





Siga offers consultancy services globally to their clients in Information Technology, Engineering (Electrical and Civil) and Construction Projects. Siga has a team of experts located worldwide providing excellent consultancy services to our clients to their full satisfaction. 

Our consultants are experienced specialists and are easily accessible for professional advice and consultation to resolve complex issues pertaining to their projects in various industries where Siga is involved.